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Watchop Presents One Piece Plot: The current story takes place 800 years after the Great Kingdom fall and the World Government takes over the world stage, 22 years after Gol D. Roger the Pirate King was executed and inspires the Golden Pirate Age. After his death, countless of Pirates sets out to find his greatest treasure One Piece. Initially the story begins before the Battle of Marineford. A boy name Monkey D. Luffy from East Blue who was aged seven was inspired by the pirate Shanks who turns out to be the Cabin Boy of Gol D. Roger and during this time he accidentally ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. He yarns to become a Pirate King and ten years later he sets out from Foosha Village.

Episode 1101 English Subbed
The Strongest Form of Humanity! The Seraphim's Powers!
Special Episode 1101.5 English Subbed
The Log of the Rivalry! The Straw Hats vs. Cipher Pol
Episode 1100 English Subbed
Powers on a Different Level! Luffy vs. Lucci!
Episode 1099 English Subbed
Preparations for Interception! Rob Lucci Strikes!
Episode 1098 English Subbed
The Eccentric Dream of a Genius!
Episode 1097 English Subbed
The Will of Ohara! The Inherited Research
Episode 1096 English Subbed
A Forbidden Piece of History! A Theory Concerning a Kingdom
Episode 1095 English Subbed
The Brain of a Genius - Six Vegapunks!
Episode 1094 English Subbed
The Mystery Deepens! Egghead Labophase
Episode 1093 English Subbed
The Winner Takes All! Law vs. Blackbeard!
Special Episode 1
A Project to Fully Enjoy! "Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law
Episode 1092 English Subbed
Bonney's Lamentation! Darkness Lurking on the Future Island
Episode 1091 English Subbed
Brimming with the Future! An Adventure on the Island of Science!
Episode 1090 English Subbed
A New Island! Future Island Egghead
Episode 1089 English Subbed
Entering a New Chapter! Luffy and Sabo's Paths!
Special Episode 11
A Very Special Feature! Momonosuke's Road to Becoming a Great Shogun
Episode 1088 English Subbed
Luffy's Dream
Episode 1087 English Subbed
The War on the Island of Women! A Case Involving Koby the Hero
Episode 1086 English Subbed
The New Emperor! Buggy the Genius Jester!
Episode 1085 English Subbed
The Last Curtain! Luffy and Momonosuke's Vow
Episode 1084 English Subbed
The Time of Departure - The Land of Wano and the Straw Hat Pirates!
Episode 1083 English Subbed
The World That Moves On! A New Organization, Cross Guild!
Episode 1082 English Subbed
The Coming of the New Era! The Red-Haired's Imperial Rage
Episode 1081 English Subbed
The World Will Burn! The Onslaught of a Navy Admiral!
Episode 1080 English Subbed
A Celebration Banquet! The New Emperors of the Sea!
Episode 1079 English Subbed
Dawn Has Come! Luffy and Friends Rest
Special Episode 10 English Subbed
Luffy-senpai Support Project! Barto's Secret Room 4!
Episode 1078 English Subbed
He Returns! The Shogun of the Land of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke
Episode 1077 English Subbed
The Curtain Falls! The Winner, Straw Hat Luffy!
Episode 1076 English Subbed
The World That Luffy Wants!
Episode 1075 English Subbed
20 Years Worth of Prayers! Take Back the Land of Wano
Episode 1074 English Subbed
Believe in Momo - Luffy's Final Powerful Technique!
Episode 1073 English Subbed
No Way Out! A Hellish Scene on Onigashima
Episode 1072 English Subbed
The Ridiculous Power! Gear Five in Full Play
Episode 1071 English Subbed
Luffy's Peak - Attained! Gear Five
Episode 1070 English Subbed
Luffy is Defeated?! The Determination of Those Left Behind
Episode 1069 English Subbed
There is Only One Winner - Luffy vs. Kaido
Episode 1068 English Subbed
Moon Princess Echoes! The Final Phase of the Land of Wano!
Episode 1067 English Subbed
To the New Era! Settled! The Determination of the Brats
Episode 1066 English Subbed
The Top Billing is Coming! Deadly Attack of Shockwave and Magnetism

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